Best Tips to Simplify Your Life and Be the Happiest You’ve Ever Been


The more things you have, the more problems you have. You might look at having lots of stuff as being richer, but is it making you happier?

Current life is all about materialism and having stuff. Everywhere we go signs shout out at us to buy, buy, buy, even though you probably have all that you need to survive and thrive. Our society is based on us spending and buying. That leaves us surrounded by clutter and unnecessary belongings that we’ll use maybe once at most. Amidst this clutter, it’s hard to focus on the things that really matter to you.

It’s time to de-clutter and simplify, but we know it isn’t easy. You can lead the minimalist living by making tiny adjustments that are easy to do.  Take it step-by-step, and one day, you’ll enjoy the freedom of a simpler, de-cluttered life that allows you to concentrate on the things that are most important to you — and you’ll be way happier as a result.

clos#29 Clean Out Your Closet

Take inventory of all the things you have in your closet, cupboards, garage and anywhere else that you store your stuff. Once that’s done, go through the list, rating each according to how much value they have for you. Do you use that old instrument anymore? Are you ever going to wear that dress again? Does the cat really need another climbing contraption? Be honest in your assessment.


If an object adds joy or satisfaction to your life, keep it. If it doesn’t, chuck it (or have a massive garage sale!).

tv#28 Turn Off the TV

Have you ever sat down, intending to watch just one or two shows on TV, then before you know it, realize you’ve just spent the whole night glued to the set?


Watching television can turn you into a zombie, sapping you of all will to do anything else. It distracts you from the things that are really important. If you can, limit yourself to a show or two, then turn it off. You don’t need all of those negative images and commercials making you feel inferior or lacking.

ads#27 Don’t Believe Ads

Ads and commercials are meant to make you feel like you have a problem, and they have the solution. Marketers will do anything to get your hooked on their product. You’re too smart for that. Don’t buy based on what they tell you.


You’ll realize that you are fine just as you are.

social#26 Social Networks Waste Your Precious Time

Social networks might keep you in touch with your friends, family, and all that’s going on in your world, but do they really give you any true value?


Updates, tweets and posts all serve to clutter your mind. They are artificial interactions because after all, most of your “friends” aren’t even friends in real life, are they?

pri#25 Prioritize Your Commitments

There are things in your schedule that are important, and things that aren’t. Evaluate each and drop any that don’t get you anywhere.


Your time is precious, so dedicate it to your most meaningful and important commitments.

time#24 Do Stuff That You Love

What activities do you find most enjoyable and that bring true happiness to your life? So, why aren’t you doing more of them?


Weed out anything that is unfulfilling to make way for the activities that fulfill you. This means pursuing hobbies you enjoy, working on projects that give you personal satisfaction, and spending quality time with a loved one.


goal#23 Set Goals and Work Towards Making Them Happen

What are your goals? What do you want to do? Evaluate your dreams and then work diligently to make them reality.


It’s easy to lose sight of goals, or to just give up. That’s why the key is break your goals down to smaller ones that are achievable. Then, as you accomplish each one, set the next goal and so forth, until you’ve finally accomplished your true goal.

multi#22 Don’t Multitask

Multitasking is not productive. Doing more than one thing at a time just decreases the quality of your output and increases the time you spend on it.


Multitasking also increases your stress levels which isn’t a good thing for your health or sanity.

noo#21 Saying No is Okay

Is your favorite word, “yes”? Never rejecting requests can be quite difficult because you don’t want to look like a bad guy.


Don’t sacrifice your health, personal relationships and well-being by trying to please everyone. It’s time to stand up for yourself and say NO.

loose#20 Save Loose Change

All that loose change you have can really add up over a day. Want to take a vacation without breaking the bank? Save any loose change you get at the end of each day, putting it all in your piggy bank.


Instead of weighing down your purse and pockets, you’ll find that by the end of the year, you may have enough for a mini vacation!

todo#19 Prioritize What You Need to Do at Work

Everyday, before you start working, prioritize what you have to do for the day, then stick to your list. That way, you’ll be able to finish what you need to do and meet those deadlines as a stellar employee.


Get to lower priority tasks later, when you have the time.

tim#18 Evaluate How You Spend a Day

Write down how much time you spend each day on things. You’ll get a better idea at how the hours fly by. Then, eliminate time wasting activities.


Do you spend 3 hours watching TV and then just 10 minutes talking to your kids? You’d be surprised at how much time we spend on the things that aren’t important to us.

alone#17 Spend Some Time Alone

You don’t have to surround yourself with people all the time. Being constantly “on” can be draining.


A little time spent alone can be good for you. The solitude will help you regenerate, reflect and grow.

dig#16 Communicate Digitally Only When Necessary

You don’t need to give an immediate response by text, email messaging or phone all the time. That constant pressure to RESPOND is totally stressing you out.


Allot some time in your day to answering emails, phone calls, and texts so you’re not interrupting the work you do.

email#15 Set Up Only One Primary Email Address

Are you logging into a bunch of email programs, just to check all of your accounts? What a waste of your life!

Set up redirecting rules or forwarding messages to your one, primary email account so you don’t have to virtually run around to a bunch of different mailboxes.

spend#14 Spend More Time With the People Who Are Important To You

There are important people in your life who you should spend more time with. Your husband, girlfriend, kids or best friend — whoever it is, hang out with them more.


But do the opposite with those who drain your energy. They don’t deserve your attention!

ex#13 Get Rid of the Excess

Do you have more than one of something, just ’cause? Get rid of the excess because it’s totally unnecessary.


You don’t need two smartphones, two cars or two of whatever else if they aren’t adding value to your life.

quality#12 Quality is Better than Quantity

Mediocre and boring things that break within days aren’t worth spending your hard earned money on. Choose quality over quantity, so that you can having things that add real value to your life.


Higher quality things may be more expensive, but you’ll have more money because you won’t be buying so much stuff anymore.

carpe#11 Seize the Moment

Your life is made of moments. Live in the moment and forget about the past or future. Savor the NOW.


If you are haunted by past mistakes, let them teach you and avoid them in the future. But don’t beat yourself up over them because you still have the rest of your life to live.

less#10 Be Happy With Less

It’s human nature to always want more, but how happy does that make you?


The constant need for more means you’ll always be in a constant state of “want”, which isn’t very fulfilling, is it?


bu#9 Buy What You Need Now, Not Later

Are you a “just in case” buyer? You buy a ton of something, just in case you need it for later. But do you ever end up using it?


Usually, all the stuff we buy in bulk sits on the shelf, collecting dust. Buy what you really need now, instead of for the future.

pur#8 Live With Purpose

You only have a limited time on this earth. Don’t waste it — live with purpose and deliberately.


Pay your full attention to whatever you’re doing at the moment.

neg#7 Eliminate Negative Habits From Your Life

The negative habits in your life can be a huge obstacle to achieving your full potential. These habits will also prevent you from living a more simplified life.


Replace negative habits with more beneficial habits.


debit#6 Autopilot Your Finances

Direct debit is a huge time saver that makes life easier.


Simplify your finances by getting your bills automatically paid by your bank account whenever they’re due.

credit#5 Get Rid Of All Your Credit Cards

This one might be hard, but it is possible if you live within your means.


If you need a credit card badly, just get a prepaid one at the store. That way, you won’t be paying those outrageous interest rates.

canc#4 Cancel Memberships

You signed up for Netflix, so why do you need Prime and Hulu, too? Membership fees are a total waste of money if you aren’t using them,


Cancel your unused subscriptions or bills, and think twice before signing up for new ones.

dec#3 Get Rid of Stuff You’ve Had For A Long Time

If you have stuff that’s been lying around for ages, you’ve probably gotten used to their presence. That doesn’t mean you have to keep it!


These “legacy belongings” need to go!

stor#2 Don’t Rely on Storage

Having storage, whether it’s your basement or a rented carton, is an excuse to keep stuff. It’s an easy way to procrastinate on making the choice of getting rid of something.

If you have something that you’ve labeled for storage, ask yourself this: do I really need it?

nothing#1 Doing Nothing is Good for You

You don’t have to be constantly doing stuff. If you want to do nothing but sit around staring out the window, go ahead and do it!

It’s not unproductive. It’s healthy for you.




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