From Limp to Primp – Do These 6 Things For Lush Hair


You’ve got limp hair. So what? Just because your hair is lifeless that doesn’t mean you still can’t flick, toss or play with your locks to your heart’s content. All you need to do is add a little volume and voilá — you’ve got full bodied, lush and healthy hair that will make heads turn.


How to get voluminous hair

1. Get the right hairstyle

Overly long hair will make your hair even limper, with straggly strands that do nothing for you. You’d think that the length of your hair would make up for its lifelessness, but it doesn’t. Defy logic and start bluntly cutting that hair, focusing on building minimal layers that will add volume. Avoid wispy layers and feathers, as that will all work against you. The perfect hairstyle for the hair-challenged is a bob with great layers framing the face.

2. Always shampoo and condition

You can’t afford to skimp on the shampoo and conditioner, because they’re your first line of defence against limpness. Choose a good quality one that thickens or volumizes, but doesn’t weigh your strands down. Shampoo as usual, rubbing your scalp gently to give yourself a good massage (this stimulates circulation that helps with hair growth). Then, apply conditioner not on your scalp, but on your hair, at the mid length or ends. This prevents that greasy, bedhead look.

For intense hydration and body, nourish your hair once a week with a deep conditioning treatment. Your hair will love it!

3. Mousse is your best friend

Limp, fine hair gets a good boost from a volumizing mousse, applied when your hair is wet. If you’re aiming for that WOW factor, apply a bit more again after blow-drying.

4. Pay attention to the ends

Limp hair can be infamously brittle and plagued with split ends that need some extra TLC. A bit of hair oil or serum can help, but make sure you only put any of these kinds of products on the ends, where they’re needed.

5. Flip it over

Get instant volume by blow drying on a cool setting with your head upside down. Never use hot air because you’ll only damage your hair! Gravity will give your roots a bit of a lift for extra volume. The same effect can be achieved with those old-school big rollers (or empty soup cans).

6. Get the right color

Several colors can make your hair look thicker. Opt for foil highlights with bleach, which will coarsen the cuticles of your hair so it looks fuller.

7. Thicken with products 

There are great products out there designed to thicken thin hair: salt sprays, volume powders, thickening creams, serums and scalp shaders are all great cheats. They’re easy to apply and results are instant.

Say no to limp hair. With these tips, it’s easy to get the lush and thick hair you’ve always wanted!

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