34 Ways to Beat a Sunburn


sunburn-bannerGot a sunburn? Ouch! Despite your efforts to keep your skin protected, you still got a sunburn. It’s a painful reminder of a habit that’s destined to make your complexion worse by leaving it rougher,  splotchier and leathery. You’ll also be speeding up the rate at which you get wrinkles and increasing your risk of skin cancer. Not a pretty sight!

If you got a sunburn, it literally means that your skin has been burned, just as if you’ve been in a fire. Your body is rushing to repair itself from the UV exposure. It’s also trying to prevent any infections that can easily happen since your skin, which serves as a protective coat, is damaged.

While the best treatment for a sunburn is to just not get one in the first place, it’s too late for you now. Try one of these things that you can do RIGHT NOW to ease the pain and save your skin.

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