Holiday Dieting Tips: You Can Have Fun But Still Keep Fit


The holidays are special times to get together with friends and family. They are also those times when we have a tendency to indulge ourselves in all the yummy goodness that the holidays bring. The holidays are a time to be mindful of what you eat because it can be easy to give in to all the food around you and go overboard.

While you have the right to indulge in the holiday festivities it’s important to keep your goals in mind. Hallowe’en often leaves bowls of candy around the house. Thanksgiving seems to be the time when people eat two to three times more than they normally would. Christmas and New Year’s mean a number of finger foods and desserts right in front of you. So what do you do?

The answer, enjoy it all but eat in moderation. Why deprive yourself when if you eat in moderation you can enjoy a little bit of everything.

Remember these tips that will help you remain in control:


Have a Plan of Action – The holidays will be tempting. So have a plan before they get here. Remember you can still have some treats but in moderation. So begin with a plan and tell yourself how much you can have. For example, tell yourself that you will only have 5 pieces of candy from the Halloween bowl and that’s it. For some people they can still enjoy a candy bar but to not eat three or four of them they will simply cut one candy bar into 6 pieces. Whenever they have a sweet craving they eat one piece and store the rest in the refrigerator. Many times it’s about satisfying the craving not about eating more and more.


Don’t Be So Restrictive – It’s easy to be hard on yourself especially around the holidays. The holidays are a time when you want to be healthy but to also make time to relax and take it easy on yourself. Remember, it’s ok to enjoy some of the food around you. Starvation diets are not going to work. Depriving yourself will only make you fail. So eat in moderation.


It’s Ok to Make a Mistake – It’s normal to make a mistake. If you happen to overindulge then don’t be so hard on yourself. Is it really going to make the situation better? No! Instead turn the positive into a negative. Tell yourself that you fell off the wagon so to speak but that you will not make the same mistake again. This is your time to refocus on what’s important. So the question is how can you regroup and get back on track? Don’t waste time punishing yourself because it won’t help. So it’s just time to move forward and not look back.


Be Mindful of How Much Alcohol You Consume – While some alcoholic beverages like wine is good for you in moderation you don’t want to overindulge. Remember that alcohol still has calories and those calories add up. Consider alternating your alcoholic beverage with a refreshing class of water.


Wear Tight Clothes – Yes, you read that right. Where tight fitting clothes! Why? Because wearing tight fitting clothing will cause you to not overeat. The more you eat; the most uncomfortable you will feel. So it will actually help you control your eating.


Plan Healthy Foods – If you are the host for this year’s holiday dinner then consider offering some healthy choices. Remember that healthy doesn’t mean no flavor. Healthy options can satisfy you and taste great.


Take a Break – During the holidays people are constantly eating. Remember to take a break and that means taking time to not eat or drink. Participate in conversations and hang out with the family. That doesn’t mean you need a drink or plate in hand every minute they are there.


Eat Before Going to a Gathering – With any gathering you know there is going to be plenty of food. So to save yourself from overindulging eat before you go anywhere. By eating beforehand you won’t want to eat a lot while you are there.

Holiday gatherings are about having fun. Don’t let yourself get bummed about not being able to eat everything that is around you. Instead focus on what you can eat and enjoy it. There’s so much more to the holiday gathering then eating.

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